Siemens AG, Munich, Germany – Systems Engineer
April 1985 – December 1989
Systems engineer for mainframe operating system software (BS2000) for hardware families 7.700 and 7.500 on S/370 architecture

Siemens Ltd. , London, UK – Technical Project Manager
January 1990 – February 1992
Technical project lead for strategic mainframe projects and responsible for the mainframe software service infrastructure

Siemens Nixdorf , Johannesburg, RSA – Head of Software Services
March 1992 – December 1996
Head of software services for operating systems and networks in heterogeneous IT landscapes

Siemens Business Services, Johannesburg, RSA – Head of IT Operations
January 1997 – March 2000
Responsible for the setup and management of a shared services organization for IT operations and outsourcing projects

Siemens Business Services, Munich, Germany – Senior Manager Partner Sales Programs
April 2000 – July 2005
Responsible for the cooperation with strategic vendors for systems, network and security management software

Siemens AG in Munich, Germany – Director IT Audit
August 2005 – March 2010
Responsible for global IT system audits with focus on information security and compliance of accounting-related IT applications and resource management of the global IT Audit Pools

Siemens AG in Munich, Germany – Director Data Assurance
April 2010 – January 2014
Responsible for ‘Design, Build and Operate’ of compliance and financial reporting applications, Risk- and Internal Controls and Enterprise Risk Management

Siemens S.A. in Lisbon, Portugal – Director IT Global Operations
February 2014 – June 2016
Built and operated the global IT delivery organization which provided services across the IT service value chain for Siemens’ internal IT departments

Siemens AG in Munich, Germany – Director Global IT Delivery Centers
July 2016 – July 2019
Responsible for the ‘Near- & Offshore’ project as part of the IT Transformation program and its relocation of services from higher-cost countries to previously established Global IT Delivery Centers in Portugal, Czech Republic and India

Siemens AG in Munich, Germany – Cybersecurity Portfolio Manager
August 2019 – April 2021
In charge of the creation and maintenance of Siemens’ Cybersecurity portfolio and its product lifecycle with appropriate processes and tools

Freelance Consultant for Incubators and Startups
since May 2021

Streetworker for Homeless People in Munich
since November 2021